Moving Recommendations

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    • To ensure that your move is quick, safe and efficient, please be packed and ready to go on a moving day.
    • Your Boxes should be 50 lbs or less and be taped shut. Small boxes or containers the size of shoe boxes or smaller should be placed in larger sized boxes.
    • The less things we have to move the faster your move will go.Plastic garbage bags, grocery bags and open milk crates are usually a bad idea and can cause a big Mess.
    • Please Please Please put your electronics and small valuables in a box or take them with you. Laptops and Dvd players don’t do well by themselves on the bottom of a moving truck. If you need boxes we recommend rent our boxes. These guys are a reliable green company that will deliver your boxes and pick them up when you’re done.We offer packing services if you do not want to pack your own stuff. Just check Pack and move above and we will come and pack your items before the move for the price of labor and packing materials.
    • District Relocators will not lift any heavy items over any banisters or balconies or hoist anything out of any windows.
    • DC Movers should have a clear path in which to transport your items. We want to keep your walls looking nice and our guys healthy so we can do many many more moves.
    • Please remember that there are often moves scheduled after your job so be as accurate with your quote form as possible so we can accommodate all our clients.